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prayer changes things

This has been the most discouraging two weeks of my life. Satan has attacked all aspects of my life and it has been debilitating. He literally has attacked my family at the core, and within the last couple of days I definitely felt as though ministry was becoming stale and ineffective.

In many arenas over the past 3 or 4 days, I have hinted of my soon resignation and my desire to hide in a local church.

For the past couple of days I had not even felt the worth of searching for God in prayer or even His Word. I wear my feelings on my sleeve.. so its difficult for me to smile when doubt and discouragement plague my heart andmind.

So the first day of Camp Meeting would be God’s way of showing me who’s boss. I walked into the cafeteria upset and bitter thinking to myself, I have to go through 10 days of this? I was careful not to make eye contact with people, but I bumped into Miss. Mann, Crystal Hollingsworth and Gloria Massengburg eating a late dinner. After expressing a few things that I should not have, one of the ladies said, “Hey, why don’t we pray for you NOW?”

I was upfront with them to tell them that I did not want to even pray. One of them said, “Well you don’t have to, but allow us to intercede on your behalf?” I could not say no then.

After the prayer, I started to feel strangely different…like a lift but not all the ice was gone.

After a couple of hours, I am feeling a lotmore like myself.

Walking out of guest services, God plays another trick on me. I bump into a man who looked familiar. I stop and stare at him strangely. Of course he looks at me like “do I know you?” I would not let him go because his face was a face I would never forget. Now I have to ask the question that’s really going to make me look foolish.

In 1988 I worked at Oakwood College as a plumber, and my boss was Mr. Burgess. He had a partner at Physical Plant that was a electrician name Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson came into physical plant to tell Mr. Burgess of a terrible accident on Jordan Lane. Mr. Wilson’s worker was involed and it was not looking good. I was there and Mr. Burgess took me to the hospital as a student worker. I remember walking into the hospital that afternoon. I did not even know who he was. He was lifeless. I looked at him and remember hearing people say he would not make it. I remember back then being in the room asking God why would something like this happen to such a young guy.

This was my first experience of ever doubting the supreme authority of God. I was a freshman in college wanting to be a pastor and I was faced with the ultimate question of “ Why does God allow bad things to happen?” I remember losing faith in that room.

I left that room never to see or hear from that man again.

But tonight God sent me four angels.

Three ladies who prayed and one angel from the distant past.

I asked him. Were you in a terrible car accident in 1988? Oakwood and Jordan lane?

He said yes. I just hugged him took a picture and wept like a baby. God showed me a miracle 26 years later.

Today, God showed me that inspite of your difficulty, He is still in control.

Thank you God for sending Maurice to me at such a time as this. I almost gave up.




Two Quotes for church boards.


I am not the type of person to proof text the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Pastor who holds dear by the doctrines of the church. The Church Manual is a guideline for the church and its strange what we pick and choose to call the letter of the law. […]


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Antoinette Tuff- True Hero


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